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Like so many others, hearing Dick & Kiz Harp again will be wonderful. We have to time travel to find good music these days - and these two great artists are captains of the machine that takes us to The 90th Floor - one of the all time lyrical places to be.

Thanks for booking my ticket to a better time and place. I can't wait to go.

Bill M.

Words cannot express my deep thoughts...for the two Dick and Kiz Harp CDs. It has been a dream of mine, since I knew of the duo, to have such a premium production produced!"

David Todora

"I want to tell you how I heard about Dick and Kiz Harp: A very long time ago, perhaps 35 or 40 years, when I lived in New York, I listened to an after midnight radio jazz show hosted by Mort Fega...a moderately well-known DJ...well, one cold winter's night, it was his last program on his station...he decided to play what he wanted...he announced that he was going to play the 2 Dick and Kiz Harp LPs and that they were something special..."

"Thanks...as one of the lounge lizards who hung out at the 90th and the 8th Day (remember?)...I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to order these. My originals were lost in a fire oh 35 years ago...so I'm so pumped!!! Look forward to them!"

Marilyn Watts

"My mother lived in Dallas in the 50's and 60's and worked for Charlie Meeker with the Dallas Summer Musicals, so she went to the 90th Floor with her boss as well as the celebrities who were in town for the shows. My dad also went there either because of my mother or on his own and loved Dick and Kiz..."


"I am delighted you are issuing these CDs --so will my brother and a friend be. We all so loved Dick and Kiz and the 90th Floor!"

Janet Shaw

"Thanks for your work on this project. I spent numerous hours for several years trying to find a copy of "Dick and Kiz at the 90th Floor". Enjoyed seeing them around 1959 when attending NTSC!"


"Joe Loved the (AGAIN!) CD. "Again" will be our Disc of the Day on Monday. That means 1 cut per daypart will be featured...6 to 9, 3 - 6, 6 - 9, 9 - mid..."

Mark DeBoskey, KSDS - Jazz 88, San Diego

"...my mother used to tell us about meeting the Harp's at the 90th Floor Club...she met Tony Bennett too. When Kiz died she was really torn up. I came across your website, you can imagine how excited my mother is..."

D. Rowley

Dear 90th Floor Records,

Unbelievable! Just as I finish re-mastering my two wonderful Harp albums, I find this webpage. Too bad you didn't exist when I was doing all my research. And, that your remasters aren't available yet after I've spent hundreds of hours with these two masterpieces. Truly a labor of love for me.

Are your pending re-masters from the original session tapes? I worked from LPs, but my 90th Floor Again album was a "Demonstrator Not for Resale" copy. It was quickly snatched by the store proprietor in Dallas for use his personal collection of perhaps 20,000 albums. It's in great shape. I'd be happy to send you what I have created. And no, I won't compete and release these commercially. They're just for me. In all modesty, they're damn near perfect. Certainly better than my original LPs. Artwork and liner notes too.

Please let me know when your re-masters will be available, as I'm anxious to compare our efforts.

My friend Becky (Rebecca) Kilgore is currently performing Dearest, Darest I as part of her tour. She'd never have known this gem existed were it not for Dick and Kiz Harp.

Thank you for re-kindling the dying embers of this once remarkable flame. Could you possibly supply me with bio information on the Harps? There's scarcely anything available on the web. And the two albums in the University of Kansas archive haven't been entered into their vast database yet. They were clueless when I contacted them some months ago.

Texas Monthly gave the Runner-up spot for its "Best Watering Hole of the 20th Century" to the 90th Floor.

Most warmly,
Peter W. Athens

More notes to come...

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