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1 Dee Day (comp/arr Dee Barton)
Archie Wheeler, alto; John Crews, trpt
MP3 Sample
2 Gold Road (comp/arr Jim Knight)
Archie Wheeler, alto; Marv Stamm, trpt
MP3 Sample
3 La Procesion de los Esclavos (comp/arr Larry Cansler) Tom Wirtel, trpt; Morgan Powell, tmbn; Ken Fears, flute
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4 Moon Bag (comp/arr Morgan Powell) Toby Guynn, bass; Morgan Powell, tmbn; Lanny Steele, piano
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5 Old Devil Moon (comp HarburglLane, arr Tom Wirtel) Tom Wirtel, trpt; Lanny Steele, piano; Archie Wheeler, alto; Jerry Keys, tenor; Paul Guerrero, drums
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6 Reflections (comp/arr Morgan Powell) Marv Stamm, trpt
7 Spring Sketch (comp/arr Larry Cansler) Tom Wirtel, trpt
8 Vino for Doris (comp/arr Dee Barton) Ronnie Towell, trpt; Dee Barton, tmbn
9 Waltz of the Prophets (comp/arr Dee Barton) - Tom Wirtel, trpt; Dee Barton, tmbn
10 Stompin' at the Savoy (comp Sampson, arr Holman) - Donnie Gili11and, gtr
11 La Suerte de los Tontos (comp/arr Johnny Richards) - personnel unknown


Archie Wheeler, Allen Solganick, Jerry Keys, Ray Kireilis, Herb Porter, Morgan Powell, Dee Barton, William Barton, Larry Moser, Jerry Schulze, Marv Stamm, Ron Towell, John Crews, Tom Wirtel, John Inglis, Lanny Steele, Toby Guynn, Paul Guerrero, Don Gilliland, Ken Fears, David Irving, Bob Pickering, John LaForge

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NOTES from "theRoadtoStan" Headquarters ...

This project, creating a CD of a limited amount of early 60's recordings, was visualized in conjunction with teh Los Angeles Jazz Institute's "Artistry in Rhythm", Kenton alumni jazz festival, October 2009. This compilation also recognizes two important occasions during the 1961 time frame; Leon Breeden's position as director of "lab band and jazz studies" at the then "North Texas State College", as well as NTSC and Leon's participation in the "Stan Kenton Clinics". In addition to the original 1961 LP recorded on 90th Floor Records (sll904), two exciting concert performances have been added from 1961, and sometime later, not definable at this juncture. Several people went on to perform with the Kenton bands, namely trumpet wonder Marvin Stamm, currently quite in demand worldwide, and Dee Barton, who progressed from trombone to drums while on the Kenton band, and contributed much in arranging and composing for Kenton. Dee passed in December of 2001.

(The 90th Floor Records collaboration was in part a result of Stan Kenton's NTSC involvement. At the tIme we had planned to record the album m a large (I beheve Denton HS) auditorium and were forced to use the band rehearsal hall at the last minute. Regardless, the performances are exceptional - Bruce Collier, 90th Floor Records)

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