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1 Recordame - Joe Henderson
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2 Secret Love - Fain, Webster
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3 All Blues - Miles Davis
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4 C Jam Blues - Duke Ellington
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5 Body And Soul - Heyman, Sour, Eyton, Green
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6 Caravan - Tizol, Ellington
7 Prelude To A Kiss -
Gordon, Mills, Ellington
8 Five Brothers - Gerry Mulligan
9 Up Jumped Spring - Freddie Hubbard
10 Armando's Rhumba - Chick Corea
11 Who The @#90! Is Robert Peterson? - Brian Piper
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TerrrRIFFic! - Brian Piper Trio

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NOTES from "TerrrRIFFic!" Headquarters ...

Bruce says ...
Denton, Texas, Panhandle Recording. What a great facility operated by good people! Not much had changed from our first Piper CD (PIPERVILLE) except that Jeff Hamilton, most respected drummist, world traveler, was replaced by a young fellow who we all believe is one of the emerging stars of the drum world, Jason Thomas, "JT" to most.

Lynn Seaton on bass and resident "arcomaniac" (C Jam) is a joy to behold on a session in that he really takes "ownership" in his partnership with the trio or anything that he does. Throughout the two-day session, Lynn was always much more than one of the top bassists in the world! Lynn says ... "Great session ... love to play with these guys ... "

Michael Vazquez, our original and current engineer is on hand with the experience of recording our first live album and now a totally new venue, but with familiarity. As a recording engineer from "another life" I am truly blown away with Michael's expertise, and I admire his ability to work with talented people seamlessly. Michael says ... " .. .Brian Piper's command ofthe keys ... like All Blues, leading the band thru a track reminiscent of old juke-joint recordings. "

Gretchen adds ... Brian is a different sort of cat. Like a lot of great players in the world, he refuses to let his unique ability control his life. His faith and his family are very important and consideration for them, his wife and two daughters is paramount ... Now we're seeing not only his playing chops, but his arranging acumen as well. And we are also seeing his talent for original writing.

JT Writes ... I've played with Roy Hargrove, Marcus Miller, Les McCan. Playing with Piper and Lynn is easy, very organic and natural. From the 1st time we played we just clicked. It's always great playing with unselfish players, it makes it all about the music, and which it should be.

Brian's comments on some of the material:
Who The #$96! Is Robert Peterson? - "In high school I played trombone. In college I played French horn. The first semester in college I also decided to begin playing piano. I took a jazz improv course as a pianist. The first day of class the teacher went around the room asking each of us to name someone who most influenced us in our respective instruments. I went blank ... so I turned to the guy next to me and asked him to help me out...he tells me: Oscar Peterson. Great! But by the time (the prof) got to me I couldn't remember the first name so I blurted out "Robert Peterson!" (of course) the teacher asks, "Who the Hell is Robert Peterson?"

Special Dedication-
As this project was being "put to bed", the sad news of Oscar Peterson's death was being disseminated to the world. A tragic loss, as Jack Bowers states. Uoo .his singular talent will continue to inspire generations of musicians yet to come. You left the world a better place, Oscar, and you will be greatly missed. RIP. As for the TerrrRIFFic! project and specifically the Piper original tune, "Who the #@$! Is Robert Peterson?", we dedicate our efforts to the great man who touched us all.

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