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1 Down in the Depths ... Cole Porter – 2:52
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2 Inch Worm ... Frank Loesser - 2:22
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3 Too Good for the Average Man ... Rodgers & Hart – 2:35
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4 Angel Eyes ... Earlk & Dennis – 4:23
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5 You are not my First Love ... Howard & Windsor – 4:00
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6 I like it that way ... Lewis Marcus Wayne – 2:44
7 Lazy afternoon ... Halcombe Wilford Jr – 4:20
8 Ugly Duckling ... Frank Loesser – 2:31
9 There are Days ... Tommy Wolf – 3:06
10 Joey, Joey, Joey ...Frank Loesser – 3:35
11 Thanks for You ... Hanighen & Wright – 3:13
12 Too Much In Love ... Gannon & Walter – 1:58
13 * Black Coffee ... Francis & Francis – 5:01
14 * County Fair ... Torme & Wells – 5:32
*Available on CD version only

Dick And Kiz Harp At The 90th Floor

The following copy, written in 1959, taken from the original LP

Dick and Kiz Harp are two young people who are united in the kind of marital relationship that had to be made in Heaven. All you have to do is see and hear them for a little while to become a believer.

This, their first album, titled "DICK AND KIZ AT THE 90th FLOOR," will be the introduction they need to those with great taste and musical integrity such as theirs. Kiz, a slender, beautiful girl, with heart and mind to match, will treat you to her sly with her rendition of "You Are Not My First Love," an early song of a now very well known composer named Bart Howard. And when husband Dick joins her to sing "Too Good For The Average Man," you can almost see the twinkle in their eyes. Together they sing "Joey" -- "Ugly Duckling" and "Inch Worm" in a manner so personal, it can only be theirs.

Kiz has special way of drawing you very close with her husky voice and complete understanding of everything she sings as is demonstrated by “Lazy Afternoon.” I felt the brush of a butterfly’s wings as I heard it.

“Down In The Depths On The 90th Floor,” the Cole Porter song for which their charming club is named, is another reason why you can always find the local and visiting celebrities sitting there listening to the Harps, enchanted.

The Piano, the department which belongs to Dick entirely, is really the third permanent member of the act, unobtrusive, beautiful, and necessary to the blend.

I fell in love with Dick and Kiz Harp in Dallas, Texas, and the year as I recall was early 1956. I make no bones about my admiration and respect for them as great humans and as artists. I must further admit that I can’t always be completely objective about them, but somehow I have the feeling that everyone who will hear them on this album or in person, will have to agree that these beautiful people with so much to give, are really on their way.

I am sure they will one day be the Presidents of the Club (currently the office is held unofficially of course, by the master, Frank Sinatra).

You may, after you have read these notes, consider them to be a love letter. I intended it that way.

Sylvia Syms

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