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1 There’ll Never Be Another You - NTSC Lab A
2 Polka Dots and Moonbeams - NTSC Lab A
3 Vino for Doris - NTSC Lab A
4 Too Marvelous for Words - NTSC Lab A (MP3 Sample)
5 Hey There - NTSC Lab A
6 Porgy and Bess Medley - Dick Harp’s 90th Floor Quartet (MP3 Sample)
7 Louie’s Lament - Paul Guerrero Quintet (MP3 Sample)
8 Easy to Love - Jane Ames and Paul Guerrero Trio (MP3 Sample)
9 Lady is a Tramp - Harvey Anderson Quartet (MP3 Sample)
10 Harvey’s Tune - Harvey Anderson Quartet
11 Pennies From Heaven - Ann Richards and Trio
12 You Go to My Head - Ann Richards and Trio (MP3 Sample)
13 Gone With the Wind - Ann Richards and Trio
14 Lover - Ann Richards and Trio

Circa 1960


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Straight-Ahead Jazz Featuring:

  • Gene Hall and the North Texas State Lab A Band
  • Dick Harp’s 90th Floor Quartet
  • Harvey Anderson’s Quartet
  • Paul Guerrero’s Quintet
  • Jane Ames and the Paul Guerrero Trio
  • Ann Richards and Trio

“Everyone who was anyone knew of the 90th Floor Club
back in the ’50s and ’60s”

Deciding to resurrect this material was a study in evolution. Of course the recordings were all on quarter inch tape. At that time plastic backing was slowly being replaced by a new, stronger mylar. Amazingly enough, we recorded the North Texas material on 1 mil mylar, normally not the first choice because of thickness and possible "print through", a problem inherent in complex, high energy taping. Considering that obstacle, the trauma of poor storage, and time elapsed, 3M can be very proud of their early on products.

If you lived in Denton, Circa 1959, you might have gone to a concert in the old Denton High School auditorium. The acoustics weren't too bad - luckily for us, things fell into place to record our first ever high fidelity (stereo as well!) live session. I had just taken delivery on a new Sony DK555 semiprofessional recording deck. Managed to borrow a couple of Telefunken C-47 microphones from a jingle producer, Bill Meeks of PAMS, and got hold of some impedance matching transformers...two condenser microphones in an acoustically acceptable auditorium...viola! As it turned out, the North Texas cuts had such good dynamic range that the famous Paul Klipsch used them at more than one "Hi-Fi Show" as a demo of his speaker systems. Even better, it is a particularly impressive concert via head phones!

Recording Credits: All material recorded initially by Bruce Collier assisted in part by Jim Thompson, Pre/mastering done at Piper Nagy Media, Mastering by Nolan at Crystal Clear Studios. {Incidentally...while Bruce and Nolan were in the back working on this album, Jim Riggs and the "2 O'Clock" lab band of UNT were up front creating their newest 2004 album. About 45 feet (45 years?) away.}

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